Detroit's Abandoned Train Station
Michigan Central Station
Detroit, Michigan

A perfect example of Urban Decay in America known as Detroit's abandoned train station. A.K.A. Michigan Central Station. Michigan Central Station once was a thriving epicenter for the city of Detroit and the whole Midwest. Now the abandoned train station sits with most of it's windows broken.

The architecture of the building is beautiful and definitely deserves to be saved.

As you can see from our photos- Restoration would be quite a task. Most of the interior has fallen victim to 'urban miners' who break in to steal any stone accents, wire and even copper tubing and bricks to sell as scrap. The removal of these materials causes extensive damage throughout, resulting in the interior being completely destroyed. Urban guerrilla artists have taken advantage of the vacant wall space.

Apparently the current owner of the Michigan Central Station has the same enthusiasm for the fantastic building. Judging from some old assed articles they were planning to restore the Train Station.

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Urban Decay, URBAN DECAY
**Access to the building is now restricted with fences, barbed wire, security and the police. Entering the building is tresspassing

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